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Example of carpentry quotation with LeanCOST (demonstration in French)

Costing of mechanical parts and carpentry  including raw material costs, machining and sheet metal working times and machine times.

From a 3D model coming from a CAD design software (SolidWorks, CREO, CATIA, Inventor, SolidEdge, NX, ProEngineer) or STEP files (.stp), geometric recognition of the components in the bill of materials, and automatic calculation of raw materials (steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, brass, plastic, rolled, drawn, round, bar, sheet metal . …), operations (bending, turning, milling, cutting, rolling, welding, control, …), and machines (traditional milling machine, CNC milling machine, lathe, water jet, laser, plasma, oxycutting, bending machine, press, …) required for the production.

The machining cost models associated with these analyses include: cutting speed, feed per revolution, rotational speed, depth and number of passes and the associated cutting tools such as solid carbide cutter, drills, inserts, …. Welding analyses include e.g. apothegm, number of passes, thicknesses, bead types (continuous, discontinuous, spot) and cover MIG, TIG, electrode, robotic laser technologies.

Possibility to add transport costs and heat treatments (hardening, nitriding, annealing, stabilisation, tempering …), surface treatments (burnishing, anodic oxidation, shot blasting, sand blasting, …), surface coatings (cataphoresis, electroless nickel plating, zinc plating, galvanising, painting …).

Who we are ?

iCOSMOS is a consulting company and software integrator specialized in cost estimation.

iCOSMOS equips manufacturers of all sizes and in various sectors. The solutions aim to improve the costing process in both SMEs and big groups.

To pretend to glimpse the future of estimation, iCOSMOS solutions are based on software, mostly from universities and recognized worldwide by industrial actors.

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Our long term partners:

The sectors we address

Machining ● Sheetmetal working ● Carpentry ● Machinery (general, special, agricultural, …) ●
Automation ● Engineering ● Defence ● Aeronautics ● Space ● Energy ● Oil & Gas ● Automotive

Our solutions currently serve more than 300 manufacturers in the various sectors as illustrated. Our estimation tools are adapted to all industrial sectors and allow for example:

  • To accurately estimate the production costs of a machined part in agricultural machinery

  • To quote a special machine for the aeronautics sector.

  • To get a quotation for a project in the energy sector.

  • To manage the estimation of a complex project in the defense sector.

  • And many others…

Our values

Customer oriented ● Reflection and action ● Innovation et creativity ● Quality mindset ● Honesty & transparency

iCOSMOS’ priority is to lead its customers to the success of their projects by:

  • Identification of key areas for improvement.

  • Provision of precise solutions to meet their needs.

  • Constant research and development of new technological modes to meet competitive challenges.

  • Expert advice and close support.

  • Commitment to a long-term partnership with our customers.

Our solutions


The collaborative platform to capitalize and digitize cost engineering processes.

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The tool for costing mechanical parts and assemblies from 3D models and digital mock-ups.

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QDV QuickDeVis

The most flexible and powerful analytical estimation software available on the market.

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