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Should cost estimation services
Manufacturing expertise services
Supply chain management services

Our services flow naturally from the uses of our solutions and the relationships we build with our industrial partners and customers.

Should cost estimation services and “honest” target price elaboration.

Service description

Our expert teams can help you to quote your internal projects and/or projects to be subcontracted, using LeanCOST.

This service is available to cost any part, mechanical assembly or complete machine from 3D models. We can quote the parts to be produced in-house as well as those you wish to subcontract, elaborating an “honest” target price for the well being of all parties involved.

See the list of production techniques we can quote.

The price of this service depends on the time spent on the costing, which depends on the complexity of the model to be analysed. Send us your 3D model in “.step” format and we will send you a firm quote as soon as possible, along with the delay of estimation.

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Manufacturing and machining expertise services

Service description

As we work closely with industrial partners and clients, we have built our team with experts in the production domain.

Any question related to turning, milling, welding and metalworking in general, our team can provide you with precise answer or solving problems.

Contact our team and tell us about your manufacturing issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you.

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Supply chain management services and taking advantage of iCOSMOS industrial networking.

Service description

Our expert teams can advise and support you in your subcontracting, purchasing and procurement activities:

– Search and qualification of suppliers.
– Supplier networking (including iCOSMOS network).
– Negotiations, contract management and supplier follow-up.

Contact our teams and tell us about your subcontracting issue. We will come back to you as soon as possible to provide you with our assistance.

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Choose iCOSMOS services!

  • Be precisely supported in your costing activities for mechanical parts and assemblies, with our experts using a tool recognised in the industrial market, based on 3D models.

  • Be supported by our experts in your design choices, in  your manufacturing operations and in your subcontracting activities.
  • Optimise your subcontracting operations by expanding your panel of manufacturers while taking advantage of the iCOSMOS industrial network.