The collaborative platform for knowledge capture adressing long standing issues of large organizations.
EPICK enables the digitisation and control of the estimating or bidding processes.
EPICK integrates and activates estimation tools at the right moment in the quotation process and offers dashboards that are dynamically updated according to the evolution of the process.


How many times have you missed a tender because the response process was too tightly scheduled, or because you could no longer find the price sent to a customer a few years earlier, or because you had started the estimate from scratch when one of your former colleagues had produced the same estimate, but that estimate could not be found?

It goes without saying that all of these problems can lead to the loss of certain commercial opportunities and therefore to a drop in turnover for the organisation, but also potentially a demotivation and a high turnover among all cost engineers, subject matter experts and bid managers.

This is why the area of estimating and bidding is becoming a strategic focus for large organisations, as it is partly responsible for winning business. Some mature organisations may consider implementing platforms that avoid some of the above problems and thus increase their revenue.


Estimation process supported by a powerful workflow

EPICK integrates a powerful workflow, serving as a backbone and supporting collaborative work. The knowledge capture of the estimation domain can therefore claim to be semi-automated.

Knowledge capture of the estimation domain at corporate level

Key assessment indicators, validated files, versions and reports are stored in the organisation’s central database at the right level. Everything is historically recorded in a database for a better traceability.

Complete digitisation of the estimation process

The various processes linked to estimates, quotations, costing or even tender responses are modelled. This digitisation of the process through the workflow allows to better control the process.

Dynamic dashboards

The projects and estimates stored in EPICK are used to feed dynamically updated dashboards.

Activation of expert estimation tools

Expert estimating tools are integrated into the process and activated at the right point in time, depending on the phases of the project or the type of costing to be done.

Automated integration of estimation results

The estimation results are automatically retrieved and capitalised in a centralised database when the estimates are recorded by the cost engineers and validated by the management.

Management of the projects and programmes database.

Projects are centralised in a database, accessible according to the rights allocated and have individual dashboards for better management.

Project attribute management for precise segmentation of the project portfolio

Projects can be segmented according to different criteria defined by the organisation. This allows the dashboards to be filtered according to the different segments defined.

Integrated search engine

An ontological search engine is integrated, which makes it easy to find any information previously stored in EPICK. Even the assumptions stored inside the estimation files can be found by the search engine.


Organisation modelling and user rights management

The segmentation of the database provides the ability to respect internal confidentiality rules and user rights are managed to facilitate user access to information.

EPICK, the global solution for a better cost management and enhanced knowledge capture

  • EPICK centralises and captures all the knowledge related to costing in a centralised database at corporate level.
  • EPICK digitises and supports the estimation and bidding process.

  • EPICK provides end-to-end control of the estimation process.

  • EPICK provides dynamically updated dashboards according to the progress of the process.

  • EPICK supports and enhances the collaborative work.

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