QDV – QuickDeVis

The leading solution to support your tender response phases. QDV meets the requirements of government, large industrial groups, medium-sized and small companies.


Management of project the breakdown structure to be estimated

QDV allows to manage all types of project breakdown structures (WBS, PBS, CBS, OBS, …), work, product, cost oriented, organization oriented,…

Detailed cost estimation of project work packages

QDV offers the possibility to estimate, for each work package, the workload costs, the material costs, and all other expenses,…

Project planning management

The planning function of QDV allows to establish the Gantt tasks of each branch of the project.

Management of databases of articles

QDV allows to centralize, update and share database of articles (components, raw materials, …) for the whole organization.

Integration of SME cost configurators

The Excel cost configurators of Subject Matter Experts are captured, centralized and shared for the whole organization.

Centralized financial aspects

Hourly rates, financial coefficients (margins, overheads,…) are updated, centralized and shared in QDV for the whole organization.

Selling price elaboration

The QDV flexibility allows to establish the selling price of the project by reflecting the financial internal rules of the organzation.

Analytics and reporting

An analytics and business intelligence engine is integrated to QDV, which allows to establish powerfull and dynamic reports.

QDV, the leading solution to support your tender response phases.

  • QDV supports the bidding process

  • QDV replaces Excel files and Excel macros difficult to maintain.

  • QDV avoid typical Excel calculation errors (formulas not applied on some cells)

  • QDV optimizes the estimation workload

  • QDV allows to capitalize expert estimation files in a centralized database.

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